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Social Policy, Human rights, Training And Education - Internal Management 1


1. All company policies and practices comply with the laws and rules of China.

2. The staff has more paid vacations than requested by Chinese labor laws.

3. Besides the paid vacations at one’s disposal, we even have one or two trips (in total 9-14 days) paid/arranged by the company annually.

4. We have flexible working time. People may work more during high season and less during low season. They can also choose to come to the office (and leave the office) a bit earlier or later than normal according to their own needs. In total the working time is less than the legal requirement.

5. During each week, every staff is entitled to have an extra half day off without any reason besides Saturday and Sunday.

6. We have breaks for having fruits and snacks paid by the company every day. There is always abundant tea supply in the tea room of course.

7. We give an allowance per staff to enable the team to have some meals/fun events together every month, within a department or together with another department.

8. We provide a fund and a free day for the team to have some activities or short trips during each season.

9. Staff incomes are well above the average where we are located. A big majority of the company profit goes to our whole staff. We ensure everyone get what they are qualified for. Before fixing the salary each year,we always communicate with each staff to reach a mutually satisfied solution.

10. We provide a very healthy work environment for the staff which has been proved by a government environment organization. Our office furniture is of good brands. The chairs are ergonomically designed and help make people comfortable.

11. We always encourage our staffs to leave chairs every now and then; we learned Taichi together; we do sports games together.

12. We talk about safety instructions regarding electricity, fire, and elevator in our QQ group.

13. New staffs get the training during work which is the best way to learn. We organize book discussion meetings, emergency handling workshops, emergency rescue training etc. We always help and learn from each other without any reservations. We work as an integrated team.

14. It is considered as natural here people have equal opportunities. Once someone proves she is good and can do more , she will be given more chances and her salary increases very soon.

15. We are a small company and we communicate a lot in all levels. Staff members talk to their managers or directly to the general manager if needed.

16. Our company’s core value is "work happily, grow together". We spend more time with our colleagues than anyone else. There is no reason not to build a happy team. We believe with a happy, continuously growing team, the company will continue to be stronger and better, naturally.


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