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Environment and community relations - Internal Management 2


1. We try not to use paper in the office. Almost all work is done without paper and within computers. We use double-sided printing whenever possible. We repeat use of the plastic bags.

2. We buy energy-efficient electricity equipment; our furniture is from companies that have EHS management standard and are green furniture in line with international E1 standard.

3. We keep the air conditioning off whenever it is possible. Air conditioning is set around 27C in summer time. We always check whether all powers are off when closing office. We use table lamps which is more efficient than big ceiling lamps. We use energy saving lamps.

4. We use water saving toilet (high water tank for the toilet which flushes strongly) and we keep the tap water lock not fully open.Our electricity and water use ismonitored by monthly bills.

5. Generally we really do not generate much waste. If there is, we dispose it to the places designated in the building. We have a special carton to keep paper waste and give it to our cleaner for recycle.

6. We don't use one-time cups; we set double sided printing as default; we buy big bottle of tableware cleaner and detergent; we buy big packs of toilet paper.

7. We don't provide plastic water bottles. Each staff has her own reusable mug. We provide porcelain mugs for visitors.

8. We ask the service provider to refill the cartridges unless it is not useable; and we give the used cartridges back to the service provider for recycling.

9. Our staffs all commute by public transportations, by bike or foot. When we go out for a business trip, we take trains most of the time.


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