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We provide support to nature protection organizations and/or community development (e.g. infrastructure, education, health, sanitation) or other sustainability initiatives.

To name a few in the recent years (we will keep adding more to the list):

Donation to Planeterra: CNY1000, in 2019.

Dontation to Huo ShuiGrouped Hydropower, China for carbon emission compensation: USD9357.5, in 2018.

Donation to the China Green Foundation to plant 4000 trees in Tengger Desert, China: CNY40000, in 2018.

Donation to Nepal Community Home Stay project: USD600, in 2017.

Donation to Foundation Hotel Con Corazon to be built in Costa Rica with investing the profit in local educational projects as their main goal: EUR500, in 2017.

Donation to New Day Foster Home in Beijing: CNY10000 per year in 2015, 2016, 2017.

Donation to countryside school reconstruction project in Nepal: USD5000, in 2015.

Donation to Wakibi, an organization that helps entrepreneurs in third world countries with a loan: CNY5000, in 2015.

Donation to the surgeries for kids in Vietnam with harelip or Varus foot: EUR500, in 2013.


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