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Honghe, the Red River, starts life near Xiaguan in Yunnan’s northwest and runs southeast across the province, entering Vietnam at Hekou and flowing through Hanoi before emptying its volcanic-soil-laden waters into the Gulf of Tonkin. For much of its journey the river is straight, channeled by the Ailao Shan range into a series of fertile, steep-sided valleys. These have been terraced by resident Hani, whose mushroom-shaped adobe and thatch houses pepper the hills. The fields stretch as far as the eyes can see, and make for one of the greatest sights of the province, In spring and autumn thick mists blanket the area, muting the violent contrast between red soil and brilliant green paddy fields.

  • Yuanyang Terrace

    To take in the scenery, the best place to base yourself is YUANYANG, a small town 80km south of Jianshui and 110km south west of Gejiu. A sleepy hill town, it becomes a hive of activity on market days(every five days), when Hani, Miao, Yi and Yao minorities come into town from the villages around.

  • Yuanyang Terrace

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