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Attractions in Yuanyang Overview

Yuanyang is a county in the Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan Province, China. It is located on the southern Ailao Mountains and its ancient rice terraceshas been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2013. These terraces, built along the mountain slopes, are over 1,300 years old and are still cultivated by the local Hani people using traditional methods.

In addition to natural beauty, Yuanyang also has a rich cultural heritage. The Hani people have a unique way of life that is closely tied to the rice terraces, with traditional clothing, music, and festivals celebrating their achievements in agriculture.

  • Yuanyang Terrace

    To take in the scenery, the best place to base yourself is YUANYANG, a small town 80km south of Jianshui and 110km south west of Gejiu. A sleepy hill town, it becomes a hive of activity on market days(every five days), when Hani, Miao, Yi and Yao minorities come into town from the villages around.

  • Yuanyang Terrace

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