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Charming Yunnan Trip


Charming Yunnan Trip by Leena

I had a nice inspection trip with our lovely and nice customers from the Netherlands in Yunnan province from Apr 12th to 18th, 2018. During the trip, we checked some hotels and experienced some tours, which we might offer to the clients. And we indeed found some nice hotels and charming tours there.

2018-4-12 Dali

If you want to know the local culture in Dali Bai people’s area, then the tie - up is what you have to experience. There are some local workshops of Tie-die in Zhoucheng village near Dali old town (about 30mins driving). But because of the limited time, you can only experience the simple ones. If you want to do something more beautiful and complicated, then I think you need to stay here for at least a while to make it possible. Besides, there is a not very big local market in the village. I believe you will be attracted by many things you haven't seen there. Even though I have lived in Yunnan for four years, still have a lot of things don't know. You will love it, because you can meet the friendly local people and experience the real local life there. Of course, if you want, you can try some local snacks in the market.

After the visit in Zhoucheng village, we went to Xizhou old town, about 20mins driving along the Erhai Lake. Xizhou Old Town, a quiet and elegant town near Dali, has no business flavor or a crowd of people, compared with Dali old city and Lijiang Ancient city. So if you want to experience a quiet pastoral life in Dali area, come to Xizhou.

2018-4-13 Dali-Lijiang 3-3.5hrs public bus

After 3.5hrs public bus, I arrived in Lijiang. This was not my first time in Lijiang, I came here to meet one of our customers, and then check some hotels in the ancient city. The ancient city of Lijiang at night is quite different from the one in the morning, the old city at night is noisy, and in the morning is so quiet. You should experience the big difference there.

2018-4-14 Lijiang-Shangrila 3.5hrs driving

In the early morning, I went to Shangri-la from Lijiang to meet our lovely Bea. Then I met a amazing farm with the beautiful scenery on the way. That was a beautiful scene that we absolutely can't see in the high-rise city. But the temperature was very low there, it was so difficult to imagine that the temperature of Zhengzhou was at 20 degrees above at that time. You cannot imagine how big our China is.

In the afternoon, we went to Songzanlin monastery by bike, 30-40 mins cycling. There were no dedicated bike lanes all the way, so we need to be very careful in parallel with all kinds of vehicles on the street. But it was so nice, because you were in a Tibetan area city, with the local people. You will enjoy the cycling tour.

After the visit, we went back to Dukezong old town, not very crowded, maybe just only because of the low season then. Dukezong old town is the best preserved Tibetan dwelling in China, and the hub of the Ancient Tea Road. "Duke Zong" in Tibetan language means the white stone city and the moon city, because most of the houses are stacked by the white


2018-4-15 Shangri-la -Shaxi (4.5hrs driving)-Dali (2.5hrs driving)

We left Shangri-la in the early morning, and then 3.5hrs later, arrived in Shibaoshan, where we wasted a lot of time in the small caves and looking for the wild monkeys. But for the clients, we did not think it’s worth visiting. Because it's just the scenery on the way, and the more charming ancient town of Shaxi awaits you.

Shaxi ancient town is a real ancient town with a long history and still maintain the most primitive architectural characteristics. You can see the ancient temples, ancient stage, ancient shops, horse shops, ancient red stone streets, 100 years old trees and the ancient roadways. When you walk in the old town with the yellow earth walls in the early morning, I am sure you will love it. It is so quiet and so comfortable. You can just stay here to relax totally. Shaxi is very small and can be finished very soon, but you never want to leave. You're gonna love every corner of this place.

2018-4-16 Dali-Kunming (normally 5hrs driving), via Haishe

In the morning, we checked some hotels in the old town, and then went to Haishe (a part of Erhai Lake) in Xizhou town for a quick visit. We thought here is the most beautiful part of Erhai Lake which you cannot miss in Dali.

Then we were taken to Kunming. It was supposed to be five hours driving, but it took us eight hours to get to Kunming because we met a heavy traffic jam on the way. My dear Bea said, it's almost time to fly from Amsterdam to Beijing.

2018-4-17 Kunming-Dongchuan, 3hrs driving

Dongchuan Red Land in Yunnan province is considered by experts to be the most impregnable red land in the world except Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and its landscape is more magnificent than that of Brazil's red land. The most suitable for photography period in the Red Land is from May to June and September to December. Besides, the snow-covered landscape in winter is also beautiful. You can see the different scenery in different seasons. Maybe we didn't see that spectacular color because the season wasn't right. But when we stand here, we can imagine how spectacular it will be in the right season. And I believe that if you can stay here for one night, and watch a sunset and a sunrise, then it will be a worthwhile trip.

2018-4-18 Flight to Zhengzhou / Beijing

I came back to the office, and Bea went to Beijing to meet Danny and Angie there, then they explored an amazing trip in Jiankou Great Wall.

By Leena - Charmission Travel


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