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Epic Journey Around Northern Xinjiang

Time: 2018-8-27

This summer I joined the amazing and unforgettable round trip of northern Xinjiang held by our company together with other 7 colleagues and families from 18 Aug to 25 Aug. Here I would like to share some beautiful and stunning moments of our trip with my limited words and photos.

18 Aug 2018 Zhengzhou-Urumqi-Fuyun County

We flew 4 hours from Zhengzhou to Urumqi, which is the capital of Xinjiang and the furthest big city away from ocean in the world. During the 10 hours road trip to our destination Fuyun County, the amazing view fully caught our attention, the endless Gobi desert, wild horses, camels, cows and nomads’ yurts etc.

19 Aug 2018 Fuyun County-Keketuohai -The Wucai Beach-Buerjin County

We got up in the early morning to start our first tour spot, Keketuohai National Park, which is located on the south slope of the Altay Mountains, providing you the beautiful scenery with mountains, the forest, the rivers and Meadows

After Keketuohai, we visited the Wucai Beach which is a great appeal to the shutterbugs. The rocks’ color is changeable under sunset, mainly red, green, purple, yellow, white, and black, which gave the name Wucai (meaning five colors in English).

20 Aug 2018 Buerjin County-Kanas Nature Reserve-Hemu Village

On the way to Kanas, your eyes would be drawn to the high mountains, the nomads’ home, the local kids on the horse back greeting you with not fluent Mandarin. It is wonderful to know another lifestyle which is totally different from yours.

Then we encountered the incredible Kanas Lake, the well preserved and colorful lake that shows you different amazing views seen from nearby and from the afar.

We stayed overnight in the wooden guesthouse in Hemu village, one of the three residences of the Tuwa Mongol in China.

21 Aug 2018 Hemu Village-Devil City-Kuitun

You should never miss the beauty of Hemu village with a view from the mountain. Breathe the fresh morning air and lose yourself in the sunrise, the morning mist, the Hemu river, the local wooden houses and the far away mountains.

Unluckily the devil city (the Yadan landform) tour was cancelled due to notification of the 8 degree or even 9-10 degree wind. Instead we went to the vast melon land of one local famer.

22 Aug 2018 Kuitun-Sayram Lake- Guozigou Approach Bridge -Yining County

Today’s highlight is the 2 hour excursion around Sayram Lake, the largest and highest alpine lake in Xinjiang. The shining lake, the Tianshan Mountain, the alpine meadows, the clouds and the swan groups all together formed a lively and splendid picture.

Next is the impressive Guozigou Bridge, one of the highest cable stayed-bridges in the world. You will be amazed by the wonder of this man-made miracle.

Overnight stay in Yining county, a town of lavender, the Provence in China. June is the best month to visit here for the full blossom of lavender.

23 Aug 2018 Yining County-Nalati Grassland

This year from 21 Aug to 23 Aug it was Gerbang Festival in Xinjiang and we were warmly welcomed to one Hui minority Family for a visit and treated with their holiday food.

The Nalati Grassland has been a famous pasture in Xinjiang for long time and the marvelous grassland also got a nick name “Grassland on the clouds” due to her altitude. You would experience herds of sheep and horses, the fresh air, some quiet streams and local Kazakh herdsman and other fresh scenery. You could stay overnight in Nalati Grassland or nearby Kazakh family home to have their traditional dinner and enjoy their campfire party.

24 Aug 2018 Nalati Grassland-Bayanbulak Grassland-Hejing County

Bayanbulak Grassland is the second largest grassland in China but it was a pity that we skipped it due to the tight schedule. On the way to Hejing, it is another different view with less green grass and trees and more desert but countless herds of sheep.

25 Aug 2018 Hejing county- Urumqi- Zhengzhou

We drove directly from Hejing to Urumqi for the flight back to Zhengzhou with the scene of deserts and the bare mountains on the way.

The journey route of round northern Xinjiang:

My poor vocabulary can barely convey the beauty of Northern Xinjiang and I strongly suggest you pay a visit by yourself. You will miss a big part of the beauty of China if you’ve never been to Xinjiang.

By Emily Zhu – Charmission Travel


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