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Eight-day Classic Yunnan Tour

Time: 2019-09-12

From 31 Aug to 7 Sep 2019, the 3 of us from Charmisison, Fanny, Emily and Xiaoru had a great trip to Yunnan province, exploring the highlights in Shangri La, Lijiang, Shaxi and Dali. We would like to share this wonderful trip with you.

On day 1, we took early morning flight to the mysterious Shangri La (old name called Zhongdian) and visited the Songzanlin Monastery(松赞林寺) immediately after the short breakfast. The Songzanlin Monastery is full of golden figures of Buddha josses, golden lamps, Tibetan lections, silver censers inside the 3 grand halls.

The full view of the golden Monastery glittering on the stretching green hills was taken on the bank of the holy lake nearby.

Then we went back to Dekezong old town(独克宗古城), and wandered in the old quiet place. The night view of the old town was much more stunning than what I took with my phone.

On day 2, we had a full day tour of Balagezong - Shangri-la Grand Canyon (巴拉格宗-香格里拉大峡谷). Balagezong earns very high admiration for the mysterious ancient Bala Village, hospitable villagers, holy snow mountains, precipitous gorges, especially Shangri-la Grand Canyon. It is really a pure land isolated from the outside world, which you should not miss!

The previous schedule on Day 3 and Day 4 was two days hiking on Tiger Leaping Gorge but the gorge was closed due to the rain and we went to Lijiang directly.

On day 4, we had a car excursion to visit Zhiyun Temple near Lashi Lake(拉市海) and Baisha ancient town(白沙古镇). This beautiful route was previously arranged as the bike tour but the schedule changed due to the bad weather. But still the short walk in the quiet and nice countryside paths is a very good way to relax and enjoy the local life and culture.

Afternoon we visited Baisha village, where you could witness the authentic life of the Naxi People, instead of the crowded tourists in Lijiang ancient town.

On day 5, we had a nice and short trekking near Wenhai Lake(文海) with pleasant weather and blue sky came when we were on the top of the hill.

After 3 nights stay in Lijiang, we headed for our last stop, Dali and stopped at the nice and quiet Shaxi old town(沙溪古镇) on the way. It was more original and less touristy comparatively.

On Day 7, we had an excursion to Cangshan Mountain and Shuanglang.

The misty Cangshan view was taken on the Gantong Cable car.

You would enjoy the Qingbi Stream after several minutes climbing once getting off the Gantong cable car.

The tiny and colorful plants on the Canshan was taken when strolling on the Yudai road.

In the afternoon, we went to the Shuanglang town(双廊古镇) to fully enjoy the beautiful and pure Erhai lake. The blue lake melted into the blue sky!

Day 8, we said goodbye to Dali and flew back home.

Even though the trip was not exactly what we planned at the very beginning due to the weather, it was still an unforgettable Yunnan trip for us! If you have never visited Yunnan, this route is absolutely the most classic one with all tour spots you should not miss!

By Fanny Zhu and Emily Zhu – Charmission Travel


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